Maxxphase Data Compatibility is very Efficient

Everyone in IT understands that data integration projects are tedious, complex, expensive and fail far too often. A significant portion of the average organization’s annual IT budget is spent designing, implementing, and supporting data integration efforts. Typically, these services cost 20, 30, and even 40 percent of this annual budget – an exorbitant expense that can reach many millions of dollars!

Traditional data integration costs are so high because source data systems are all incompatible, which forces professionals to drag all their information through a lengthy, complicated and error-prone process just so it can all be viewed in a single consistent database. Highly-specialized, hand-crafted data transformation software is used to move data from one incompatible data system to another and often to yet another.

The flow of data never ends, and as a result, data transformation never ends. Each data flow is normally a daily occurrence. Year after year, new data integration software needs to be developed, tested, and maintained to meet the data integration needs of a growing business. On the other hand, once a data system has been made compliant with the Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards, that compatible data system remains compatible forever! There are no daily data flows and no hand-crafted data transformation software. The data from a compatible data system is simply compatible with the data from any other compatible data system. With data compatibility, you can slash up to 40 percent of your annual IT budget because of the efficiency gains inherent in data compatibility.

Return on investment with data compatibility

  • Data compatibility is less expensive than other solutions in the data integration market. Outright, our upfront costs are very small. There is no need to purchase additional hardware and software or to hire expensive data integration specialists to design target data systems and to develop hand-crafted data flow software. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is the most economical solution available in the data integration market.
  • The data integration process is much faster than other data integration alternatives. Traditional data integration methods often take many months and sometimes years to implement. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is a simple add-on to existing data systems used to make data compatible in place. There’s no need to duplicate and move incompatible source data. The time to market is far faster than traditional data integration methods, so the organization will operate more efficiently much sooner.
  • Data Compatibility Standards is a better solution than traditional data integration methods. Data Compatibility Standards supports all types of data systems, including business intelligence and decision support-related data systems, for total and complete inclusion of all compatible data systems within an enterprise. This IT innovation doesn’t mask or work around the problem, like traditional data integration approaches do. Instead, Maxxphase’ Data Compatibility Standards enhances existing incompatible data systems by adding data compatibility, removing the obstacles which have hindered businesses for so long.