Building Directly Interoperable Data Systems and a Compatible Data Fabric

Our patented data compatibility products and services are unique to the IT industry and are not available anywhere else. Maxxphase Data Compatibility is a foundational upgrade for digital data. There are no more data silos and no more data transformations. Compatible data systems are noninvasively standardized to become plug and play components to a Compatible Data Fabric. Your business will take a major step forward with Maxxphase Data Compatibility.



Along with select partners, Maxxphase supports the implementation of Data Compatibility Standards and Methods for all phases of the System Development Life Cycle.


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Planning Phase:

Compatible data system development is a far different paradigm than traditional standalone data systems. Your data compatibility projects should not be planned by someone unfamiliar with the capabilities of Data Compatibility Standards and Solutions. As such, it is important to consult with the data compatibility experts at Maxxphase from the start.

Analysis Phase: 

Data compatibility impacts how data systems interact and fit together into the compatible business data environment. Our data analyst consultants are trained in the intricacies of our patented compatible data modeling and can lead the development of your compatible business data environment. Our data analysts are also well-versed in external compatible data systems which may be used to enhance your compatible business data environment.

Design Phase:

Designing compatible data systems requires the incorporation of the proper Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards. Once a data system has been made compatible, that data system becomes an integral component of your compatible business data environment. Any data compatibility solutions may also be applied to these integral components. Maxxphase provides the know-how, whether implementing compatible data systems or data compatibility solutions.

Implementation Phase:

Compatible data systems must be properly implemented to provide direct interoperability with the other compatible data systems. Maxxphase and our technical partners deliver governance of each of the Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards. Our consultants provide the expertise to properly implement these Data Compatibility Standards which form the spine within your compatible business data environment.

Maintenance Phase:

Maxxphase implements proper maintenance methods to ensure that the data systems remain compatible and current. As more internal or external data systems are made compatible, these data systems can be added to your compatible business data environment to develop new business opportunities. Maxxphase consultants will expand your business data environment as needed.