What is data

Data compatibility is an IT innovation that provides integrated data throughout an organization, among organizations and across industries. Data compatibility is so superior to traditional data integration methods that data compatibility is the inevitable replacement for data integration methods.

What is Data Compatibility? – The Video

Automatic data

Before data compatibility, businesses spent exorbitant amounts of money and time translating and transferring data. By creating Data Compatibility Standards, Maxxphase addresses the data integration problem at its root and makes automatic data integration a reality, bypassing the need for the lengthy and expensive data transformation processes.

Compatible data is integrated data. Data is automatically integrated from the time it’s initially stored and it will remain integrated until it's deleted. Any data from a compatible data system is integrated with data from any other compatible data system. Unlike traditional data integration methods, there is no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money, time and effort moving and transforming data.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are the basis of any compatible data system. These Data Compatibility Standards provide the master data commonality and master data integrity required to facilitate data system interoperability and automatic data integration. Compatible data systems are designed so that any data from any compatible data system is integrated with the data from any other compatible data systems. Data compatibility is data integration made easy!

Collaborative data systems
open a world of business possibilities!

Data compatibility creates untold opportunities for collaboration, both within and outside your organization. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards turn traditional disconnected data systems into a seamless consistent data universe capable of supporting what the 21st-century business needs to thrive.

Compatible data systems are collaborative data systems – ones that work together and that are directly interoperable. Each compatible data system is an integral component of a single consistent data universe. Compatible data systems fit together into this data universe like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each compatible data system contains a subject area of integrated data for the data universe such as financial, sales or supply chain data. Compatible data systems may also contribute specific functionality to your data universe, such as master data management or decision support. Collaborative data systems represent the next chapter in information technology.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are the foundation for collaborative data systems. Any data system based upon Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is a compatible data system, enabling this new level of collaboration. Compatible data systems are such a vast improvement over traditional, conflicted data systems that compatible data systems will inevitably replace those traditional data systems.

Compatible Data Systems form a single data universe

Compatible Data System

Integrated data distributed across compatible data systems

In-Place Automatic Data Integration


The Compatible Data Universe

Seamless data system interoperability

Each Compatible Data System becomes an integral
Component of a Single Data Universe

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