What is a Compatible Business Intelligence Environment?

Data transformations, preparation, and wrangling are required to support data retrieval across conventional data systems. As such, the majority of the work involved in business intelligence and analytics is data preparation to form a single consistent dataset for analysis.

Maxxphase uses compatible data systems that are directly interoperable and analytics-ready for business intelligence and analytics. Each compatible data system is plug-and-play, so data systems can be dynamically combined on-demand to form whatever single consistent dataset is needed for analysis. These plug-and-play modular data systems comprise the Compatible Business Intelligence Environment.

Conventional business intelligence is painfully slow and often requires IT involvement to prepare datasets. In addition, there is a data trust issue as data linage becomes an added concern. However, compatible business intelligence is quick, agile, and does not require IT involvement. The compatible environment has strict data compatibility enforcement, and the data is retrieved from reliable compatible sources. The Compatible Intelligence Environment is generally a factor of five times more efficient than conventional business intelligence.

The Compatible Data Fabric focuses upon Business Intelligence

All your compatible datasets spontaneously form an analytics-ready Compatible Data Fabric to support your organization's operational, tactical, and strategic decision-making processes. This Compatible Data Fabric provides your organization with powerful insights for continued growth and success. When needed, additional compatible datasets may also be derived and materialized to improve reporting performance, store aggregate data, store historical data, and more. Since compatible datasets are directly interoperable, they become an integral part of your Compatible Data Fabric as well.

With data compatibility, your organization's entire data architecture is seamlessly collaborative and consistent, from the most detailed transactions to the highest-level aggregates on the CEO’s dashboard. Unlike traditional data fabrics, Compatible Data Fabrics do not require difficult time-consuming data transformations. Since data transformations are no longer required, business agility is not adversely impacted when implementing your Compatible Data Fabric.

The transformative power of compatible data doesn’t end with your organization. Compatible Data Fabrics are extensible beyond your enterprise for collaboration with suppliers, strategic partners, other facilities, and even other businesses in your industry. External Compatible Datasets are also plug-and-play within your Compatible Data Fabric. Only Maxxphase offers this functionality because, unlike our competitors, our business solutions are based on compatible data.

The Compatible Data Warehouse

Data Compatibility provides an opportunity to create compatible data warehouses very easily and efficiently. Enhancing a data system with the Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards produces an analytics-ready compatible dataset. This compatible dataset now has all the functionality of a traditional data warehouse. This analytics-ready compatible dataset is directly interoperable with other compatible datasets and becomes a plug-and-play component in the Compatible Data Fabric.

Data compatibility isn’t limited to new datasets. The process of enhancing a dataset to be compatible is noninvasive to any application software and to any existing data. As such, existing data warehouses can be made compatible using Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards. The resulting compatible data warehouse is now compatible with other compatible datasets and becomes an integral component in the Compatible Data Fabric.

Compatible data warehouses are integrated and made directly interoperable with the compatible source datasets that feed the data warehouse. This enables an array of advanced business capabilities, business intelligence development, agility strategy, and more. For example, compatible data warehouses simplify threat and fraud detection by leveraging real-time transactional source data for direct comparison with historical data to ensure validity. This compatible data may also be used directly in conjunction with real-time master data in the compatible master data management systems. Data warehouses are much more useful in a compatible data environment, and only Maxxphase provides this compatible data warehouse technology.

Plug-and-Play Business Intelligence

The 80-20 rule in business intelligence states that the data analyst spends 80% of their time preparing data for analysis while only 20% of their time is spent on actual analysis. Maxxphase Data Compatibility removes most of the data preparation work in business intelligence by providing an integrated Compatible Data Fabric.

Every compatible data system is analytics-ready because of the functionality added when the data system was enhanced with our Data Compatibility Standards. Compatible data systems collaborate to form an analytics-ready Compatible Data Fabric as the foundation for business intelligence and analysis. The Compatible Data Fabric will be the single trusted source of compatible data for your data analysts.

Compatible data may be consolidated and aggregated, and stored in whichever compatible data system is most appropriate. This storage includes new compatible data systems based only upon consolidated and aggregated data. For example, sales history over time, sales region, and by product line may be stored as a derived compatible data system. This consolidated and aggregate data will also be compatible, so it can be directly combined with any other compatible data from any other compatible data systems on demand. You can compare month-to-date real-time sales from one compatible data system to the historical perspective relating current sales with prior sales by sales region and by product line.

Any data in the Compatible Data Fabric may be dynamically and directly combined for analyses without the 80% preparation work. Now, most of your analyst's time will be spent doing business intelligence and data analysis work.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards makes business intelligence dynamic, agile and interoperable, a much-needed competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.