Operational Data Analytics Delivered Like Never Before

Compatible Data Standards, when applied to an operational dataset, make that entire dataset compatible. Since Maxxphase Data Compatibility is a zero-copy noninvasive dataset enrichment method, your operational datasets are now directly interoperable. As such, each operational dataset is analytics-ready to deliver data warehouse functionality to each operational dataset. Your operational datasets are also modular with plug-and-play functionality that spontaneously becomes an integral part of the operational and analytics Compatible Data Fabric. Since this is a zero-copy enrichment, all data is real-time data in normal form. 

Your business never had the ability to directly join data seamlessly across operational datasets on demand before Maxxphase Data Compatibility. Beyond that, operational datasets were never a part of a modular data warehouse or part of an operational and analytics data fabric. You simply never had access to the data needed in a form conducive to business operations decision support.

Directly Interoperable Real-Time Data

Many organizations are conducting their business with a data foundation that is compartmentalized in disparate siloed datasets. Since the data across disparate datasets may not be joined, a consolidated view of business operations is very difficult to obtain, especially in real-time.

Compatible datasets can be formed from an in-place enrichment of disparate datasets - a zero-copy enrichment using Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards products.  Once an operational dataset is made compatible, it remains compatible even as more transactional data is added in real-time. Being directly interoperable, compatible operational datasets can be seamlessly joined to provide whatever data is needed. Beyond this, these compatible datasets are analytics-ready as designed to incorporate all the functionality of a data warehouse. Finally, these directly interoperable datasets form a Compatible Data Fabric. All real-time data in all compatible datasets are now directly and dynamically accessible within the Compatible Data Fabric.