Data Compatibility
Product Fact Sheet

The Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards

Data Compatibility:
Simple, Powerful, and Elegant

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is the first ever design based solution that enhances all of your data in-place. This means; no more data movement and no more data transformations. The simple addition of Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards enhances the entire data content of the data system. These enhancements enable unrivaled connectivity between data systems which allows for unfettered enterprise-wide sharing of information.

Any and all data directly or indirectly related to these standards is now integrated with the data in any and all other compatible data systems. This is a very powerful and elegant solution to the current data problems characteristic of all incompatible data systems.

All established data integration methods take too long, cost too much, and fail far too often. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are a very innovative new approach that takes far less time to implement, cost far less, never fail, and provides a far superior and elegant solution than the hand-crafted brute force data integration methods often used today.

Removing Barriers to Data Sharing

To help meet the needs of modern business, Maxxphase developed Data Compatibility Standards. These standards are a non-invasive add-on that enhances data systems to become directly interoperable and to freely share their data. Our patented Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are used to create a single consistent business data environment where:

  • All your business data is seamlessly linked, readily available and easily accessible.
  • Any data may be combined with any other data, even across data systems.
  • All your business data has the proper security when combining data across data systems.
  • Master data integrity is now enforced across your data systems.

The Purely Designed-Based
Data Integration Solution

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards product are unlike any other data integration solution on the market. All data integration methods promoted by our competitors are software-based solutions. These software solutions are needed to transform data from the data form of a source data system to the data form of the target data system. Our competitors’ data transformation software is expensive, resource intensive, and complex.

The Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are used to integrate data system designs such as data models – another first for Data Compatibility Standards. When Data Compatibility Standards are added to each data model in a set of data models, those data models are now compatible and connected. When a compatible data model is forward engineered into a data systems, that data system will be compatible.

The First Standards-Based
Data Integration Solution

Data Compatibility Standards are the first ever standards-based data integration method. The Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards provide a target to which any and every data system may now be compliant. Any data system that is compliant with the Data Compatibility Standards is compatible with any and all other compatible data systems. The data from any compatible data system may be directly joined, combined, and shared with the data from any other compatible data systems.

Data Compatibility Standards

Each Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standard is composed of specially designed data structure and an associated set of standard master data. These Data Compatibility Standards are specifically designed to form reliable data joins across multiple data systems, which has never been done before. Since these Data Compatibility Standards are composed of data structures and master data sets, these familiar components will be very simple to implement and manage along with the other familiar components of any data system.

The Maxxphase Data Compatibility
Standards Breakthrough

Data compatibility represents the future direction of IT data and information. No one is advocating for the development of more incompatible “data silos”, yet that is what is currently being developed and implemented in organizations around the world. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is the first and only approach that converts data silos to directly interoperable data systems. This relatively simple conversion provides quick direct data access to any and all the data and information your organization could possibly use.