Dynamic Data Integration

Data integration is the process of consolidating data from multiple source datasets into a target dataset. Since compatible datasets are directly interoperable analytics-ready modular plug-and-play datasets, compatible source datasets can be seamlessly consolidated and aggregated on demand to deliver a consistent resultant dataset.  The resultant dataset can itself be an analytics-ready modular plug-and-play dataset that is compatible, not only with the source datasets but also with any other compatible datasets. The resultant compatible dataset can remain virtual or be materialized as part of an information-building effort. 

Dynamic Data Integration of compatible datasets is far more efficient and flexible than the disparate data integrations that rely on data transformations. Conventional data integration projects may no longer be desired as Dynamic Data Integration is faster, better, and cheaper than data transformation-based data integration projects.  

The End of Data Integration Projects

Disparate datasets contain conflicted master data representations that make them incompatible with each other. These conflicting data representations were never properly designed or managed for direct interaction with data from other datasets. If datasets had been built to be compatible from the start, data integration would never have been an issue. Instead, we have millions of incompatible, conflicted datasets filled with many billions of disparate data records.

Data compatibility marks the end of the “data silo” age in digital IT. Before Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards, all datasets were incompatible and conflicted because their designs were too narrowly focused. As a result, businesses operate in a burdensome world of incompatible data silos. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards eliminates siloed datasets as a byproduct of designing and building datasets to be compatible.

Most organizations’ data-related problems are caused by data incompatibility and conflicting data among disparate datasets. This conflicting data leads to poor decision-making and errors in day-to-day operations, which costs businesses time and money! Instead, imagine an organization where all data is consistent, from the lowest-level detailed transactions of the organization to the highest-level derived information of the CEO's dashboard. All data is finally directly interoperable – transactional data and decision support data alike!

Maxxphase is shattering data silos, boosting efficiency, and supplying executives with the information they need to grow their business. Don't delay -- unshackle the power of your company's data assets! 

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