Data Silo Elimination
with Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards

Data silos are the cause of your data integration problems. When data silos are truly eliminated, the data integration problem is eliminated right along with it.

Make Data Silos Compatible

Traditional Data Systems

Disparate Data Silos

Compatible Data Systems

Data Compatibility Standards Applied

The Origins of Data Silos,
& The Issues They Present

The established data modeling method dates back to mainframe computing in the 1970s -- at least a decade before data integration was even a consideration and a far cry from the interconnected, fluid data systems needed to conduct business in the 21st century. Any data system designed using these old data modeling methods will be incompatible with any others -- what’s referred to as an incompatible data silo.

Data silo elimination

These incompatible data silos lack the means to directly connect with other data systems. This prevents information from directly interacting with other systems, preventing businesses from taking advantage of the processes and technologies which require collaboration from multiple data sources.

Data Compatibility
Eliminates Data Silos

At Maxxphase, our patented Data Compatibility Standards™ update these outdated data modeling methods so that data is now designed to be used across departments, businesses and entire industries by eliminating the burdensome and antiquated data silo structures that normally get in the way. Our methods are used to form relationships between two, 20 or even 1,000 or more compatible data models and their compatible data systems – however you need to scale it, Maxxphase can accommodate.

Imagine this interconnected, collaborative future free of unnecessary restrictions and stumbling blocks. Government bodies, medical facilities, research institutions and many, many more industries can share their collective data instantly and seamlessly just by using Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards. No longer will organizations need to dedicate precious resources for the sole purpose of integrating data. All they need to do is implement the same standards to instantly unlock the benefits of data sharing partnerships. It’s that simple!

Data Compatibility Standards create a reality that’s the polar opposite of these incompatible data silos. Compatible data systems form direct links to one another without impacting the data nor the data structure of the existing data systems, nor any software applications associated to the existing data system. With Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards, there’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain!