Data silos are the cause of your data integration problems. When data silos are truly eliminated, the data integration problem is eliminated right along with it.

Data silos are systems that are great at storing and retrieving data but do not directly share their data with other data systems. No one wants more data silos, but few understand how to truly eliminate them.

We found that eliminating data silos with our Data Compatibility products integrates data across data systems. Since data transformation software is not used to integrate data, these compatible data systems are now directly interoperable. Directly interoperable data systems can be readily combined to form a "plug and play" type data fabric. Maxxphase Data Compatibility is a very innovative foundational change for the IT industry.

The Origins of Data Silos,
& The Issues They Present

The established data modeling method dates back to mainframe computing in the 1970s -- at least a decade before data integration was even a consideration and a far cry from the interconnected, fluid data systems needed to conduct business in the 21st century. Any data system designed using these traditional data modeling methods will be incompatible with any other data systems -- what’s referred to as a disparate data silo.

Data silo elimination

Disparate data silos lack the means to connect with other data systems directly. This lack of direct connections prevents businesses from efficiently taking advantage of the processes and technologies that require collaboration from multiple data sources.

Data Compatibility
Eliminates Data Silos

Our patented Data Compatibility Standards are used to update traditional data modeling methods that had always formed data silos. Our enhanced data modeling methods integrate data models so data systems are now designed to be directly interoperable. Eliminating the burdensome data silos that generally get in the way, data compatibility integrates data across departments, businesses, and entire industries. The scope of data model integration is unlimited, so that, however you need to scale it, Maxxphase can accommodate.

Imagine this interconnected, collaborative future free of unnecessary restrictions and stumbling blocks. Financial services, healthcare, retail, and many more industries can share their collective data seamlessly just by using Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards. No longer will organizations need to dedicate precious resources for the sole purpose of moving and transforming data just to integrate it. All that is necessary is to implement the Data Compatibility Standards to unlock the benefits of data-sharing partnerships. It’s that simple! Data Compatibility Standards create a reality that’s the polar opposite of disparate data silos!