Data System

Data system retirement is often so expensive and challenging that organizations are forced to continue using outdated data systems. Using these outdated data systems puts businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Make Legacy Data Compatible with Future Data

Traditional Data System Retirement

Data Migration and Transformation

Migrate legacy data into an incompatible data system


Compatible Data System Retirement

Data Compatibility Standards Applied

Legacy data and future data is compatible

The Data System
Retirement Conundrum

Data system retirement is desired when a system's software and/or hardware becomes untenable and it becomes more cost-effective to decommission the system. The retirement phase is one of the more challenging phases in the data system’s lifecycle because the information it contains is still extremely important, even if the software or hardware is outdated. It may even be required by law to retain the data in a usable form.

The traditional approach to data system retirement is to migrate the retired data into the replacement data system. Unfortunately, this data migration is often very challenging as the replacement data system was never designed to accommodate the retired data. As a result, this data migration is often an expensive, time-consuming process with a high risk of failure.

Data System Retirement
Simplified by Data Compatibility

Data compatibility methods significantly simplify the data system retirement process. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards makes the retired data compatible with the new data system, as well as any data from any other compatible data systems. That means there is no longer a need for the data from the retiring system to migrate to the new system. The retired data, once made compatible, will be directly interoperable with the data from any other compatible data system.

New data and retired data may be seamlessly combined, preserving your access to the information from the retired data system. Moreover, once the retired data has been made compatible, the retired data may be aggregated into a compatible data warehouse to support your business intelligence needs while adhering to all compliance regulations.

Data compatibility takes the headache out of retiring your old data systems. With data compatibility, retired data is now more useful than it ever was in its incompatible form. The complexities and challenges of conventional data migration are a thing of the past. Make sure your company can use the most up-to-date systems to promote growth and stay one step ahead of the competition.

If your business has a data system retirement issue, contact Maxxphase to learn how we can solve those problems.