Entire industries are starved of consistent information which could cut costs, improve decision-making and even save lives. Maxxphase data compatibility standards makes this a reality, using industry-wide data integration and data system interoperability to deliver complete information in real time to every key player in your organization – or even your entire industry.

How industry-wide data integration
supports entire industries

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards represents the first standards-based data integration approach within which any data system that complies with the standards is now a compatible data system. Anyone with the proper data systems permissions can access whatever data and information they need from across this collaborative network of data systems.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards support industry-wide data integration in several major ways, for example:

With Data Compatibility Standards, data or information may be requested dynamically or queried from any or all compatible data systems as needed within the security constraints of the data systems. This means that anyone with the appropriate credentials, both within and outside the organization, can be on the same page at all times.

Data Compatibility Standards supports centralized compatible master data management (CMDM). Through data system interoperability, this centralized CMDM system could provide real-time master data to any other compatible data systems. The centralized CMDM system could be used as an integral component to any other compatible data systems so that automatically-integrated data may now be shared across the industry.

Data Compatibility Standards supports a centralized compatible data warehouse, used to provide automatically-integrated data collected from and shared by multiple participating organizations. This allows for a real-time information exchange between departments, organizations and their suppliers and even competitors.

The possibilities are endless with collaborative computing.

Interoperable data systems

Data compatibility in action:
the healthcare industry

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is the only data integration solution which can easily provide industry-wide data integration. One only needs to look to healthcare, an industry struggling with data integration issues, to see one example of how industry-wide data integration can solve many problems.

Incompatible disparate data is a clear issue in healthcare. Patient management, drug interactions, infectious disease information and much more could all be revolutionized just by introducing data compatibility. By assigning the same Data Compatibility Standards to all the relevant data systems, integrated data can be made accessible, so now multiple doctors, pharmacists, researchers and more can collaborate in incredible ways.

Here are just some of the ways in which Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards could transform the healthcare industry:

Real-time data integration could ensure that all doctors have access to the same complete patient profile. Multiple computers can collaborate to provide a patient’s electronic medical records and all the pertinent information a healthcare professional needs to know. For example, this could include family medical history with blood relative relationships, allergies, medication history and current insurance information, all of which will be presented as a complete set of information. Any updates to that information will be made available in real time to every other medical professional with the appropriate authorization.

Genetic research may be advanced as medical records within genetic groups may also be provided. Community health evaluations and preventative care may be developed as medical records across geographic areas may be evaluated against water supply or other pertinent information.

An industry-wide compatible data warehouse (CDW) could be used to reduce or eliminate dangerous drug interactions. Relevant data could be gathered from compatible data systems to populate the CDW. Making this CDW available to healthcare professionals could transform how doctors administer medications. The data warehouse could also be used to reduce litigations related to adverse experiences.

Data compatibility has the power to truly transform information for any industry, from healthcare to government operations and anything you can imagine in between. Learn how Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards can transform your business today!