Maxxphase Corporate History

In 1994, Strategic Insights was incorporated in New Jersey as an IT consulting organization. The focus of Strategic Insights has been on data integration and business intelligence. We designed and implementing solutions for some of the largest and most prestigious businesses in the world.

We recognized the inefficiencies and limitations of established data integration methods and decided there had to be a better way. Our research led to the discovery and development of Data Compatibility, a different and innovative data integration approach. This Standards-Based Data Integration approach noninvasively enhances traditional data systems to be compatible data systems. Maxxphase Compatible Data Systems seamlessly interact to efficiently provide all the integrated data and information needed to run and grow any business.

In 2016, Maxxphase was incorporated in Delaware to develop and promote our Data Compatibility Standards products. Our products are data-based and metadata-based. Our vision for data is one of direct data interoperability, synergy, and collaboration. Through direct data interoperability, a Compatible Data Fabric is formed. Guided by our vision, we at Maxxphase move beyond data integration to the next generation of digital data – Data Compatibility.

Traditionally, data systems were designed to efficiently store and retrieve data but not to share. The patented Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are a non-invasive add-on that enhances any data system to freely share their data with any other so enhanced data systems. Data compatibility is much more powerful than the methods previously used for decades - so powerful in fact, that it’s data integration’s inevitable replacement.

Maxxphase - The Data Compatibility Company