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Artificial Intelligence & Data Compatibility—Perfect Together

0 March 19, 2018

The rise in artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in every industry.

AI has incredible potential to drive growth in businesses. In the article, How AI Can Grow your Business, the author discusses the importance AI can play in marketing.

What the author does not discuss, however, is the inability to dynamically share trusted data across information systems. Traditional data management methods are incapable of managing and sharing data from multiple data sources, which prevents machine learning from reaching its full potential.

Data Compatibility Collaborates with AI

AI is poised to become one of the biggest drivers of growth for business in 2020. From total automation in manufacturing to building AI to manage marketing and sales, AI is becoming more prominent in business.

What is driving the ascension of AI technologies? In the article How Big Data Is Empowering AI and Machine Learning, the author outlines a clear connection between the power of machine learning, and the data to which AI has access.

As more and more data has become available, AI has become more powerful.

This is where the incredible synergy between AI and Maxxphase Data Compatibility becomes apparent. Data compatibility, because of its direct information system interoperability, provides as much integrated data as could possibly be needed to support any AI application.

With machine learning, the quality of the data also plays a major role in the ability of the machine to learn, as explained in Data Quality in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Data quality is a driving factor in creating powerful, impactful, and profitable AI. Garbage data in, garbage AI out!

Data compatibility promotes proactively improving data quality. Data compatibility is a form of compatible master data management used to standardize master data across information systems.

Once the master data has been standardized, it becomes the basis for combining data from these multiple compliant information systems into a single coherent set. This includes data enriched from compatible external information systems.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is redefining the world of information technology. Thanks to our unique and powerful standardization approach, Maxxphase can link every information system in an organization, throughout organizations, and even throughout an industry.

Imagine the power of an AI application that could learn from all those combined information systems. Data Compatibility provides a seamless data environment where every bit of information is collaborating to improve the power of AI that can help grow your business.

In addition, your organization can now share information between organizations enriching the quality of your data and further empowering your machine learning tools. With Maxxphase Data Compatibility, give your AI access to all the information it needs to improve your business.

Quality, quantity and completeness of data is the foundation of a powerful AI tool. With Maxxphase, this foundation of data is finally a possibility. Check out Crafting Interoperable Data Systems for more information.

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