Maxxphase Data Compatibility Unifies TIBCO Products

Maxxphase, the Data Compatibility Company, is happy to announce its recent partnership with TIBCO Software. Maxxphase products and services have great synergy with several of TIBCO’s products. Maxxphase Data Compatibility provides an architecture specifically designed to synergize Data Virtualization (TIBCO DV), Master Data Management (TIBCO EBX), and advanced Business Intelligence (TIBCO Spotfire).

Our patented data compatibility products use TIBCO EBX to enhance data systems to become directly interoperable. As such, all data from across multiple data systems are now integrated in-place without data transformations. TIBCO DV implementation is now vastly simplified, as data preparation is no longer a precursor for data virtualization. The performance of TIBCO DV is also much improved by compatible master data. Beyond that, all data systems are also enriched to be Compatible Data Cubes with all the functionality of a traditional data warehouse and more. These Compatible Data Cubes become the ‘building blocks’ of a single, integrated, and consistent data ecosystem for TIBCO Spotfire.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility was precisely designed to add many advanced features and benefits to simplify the usage of TIBCO’s products. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected]