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Solving the Facebook Data Scandal with Data Compatibility

0 April 17, 2018

Data ownership and governance has taken center stage in recent weeks, brought about by the Facebook user’s personal information scandal. In the article “Zuckerberg On Who Owns User Data On Facebook: It’s Complicated”, Erick Schonfeld discusses data ownership and governance issues that have become complicated and burdensome for many organizations. As data suppliers become a part of modern business information environments, a new approach is needed to avoid the disaster Facebook is currently facing.

The simple fact is Facebook lost control of important information that left its reputation tarnished in the eyes of many of its users. “As for Cambridge Analytica, the company says it deleted all of the data as soon as Facebook informed them about it. But sources have since told WIRED that a small number of people there could access the data set as recently as last year.” Facebook’s lost control of their user’s personal information and that has turned into a public relations nightmare for Facebook that will cost the company a fortune. Companies need greater control of their information assets to prevent anything like this from happening again.

Maxxphase has created a powerful new technology that gives companies the ability to share their data while providing a more secure data governance than ever before. With the Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards, organizations can share their information in place. With Maxxphase’s unique purely design-based approach, companies can create links between an unlimited number of compatible information systems. Data compatibility allows companies to share information without giving away a copy of the information. Instead, information owners simply provide security access to the information in-place to be dynamically combined with any other compatible information from any other organizations. Compatible data is always integrated and may be shared in-place without ever having to relinquish the control of that data.

In the wake of the Facebook scandal, it is clear that there will be greater scrutiny of how data providers make their information available to outside organizations. So, who owns the information is now never complicated. Retain control over your data assets while enhancing the value of your data supplier relationships all with compatible data! For more information about sharing data in-place, contact Maxxphase Today.

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