Maxxphase new patent poised to change the world of data

Dateline: Hillsborough, NJ, June 7th — Maxxphase Incorporated has received a notice of allowance from the Patent and Trademark Office for patent application “METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPLEMENTING A SET OF INTEGRATED DATA SYSTEMS”. Issued on May 29th 2019 this new patent stands as a major breakthrough in the field of Information Technology.

The abstract of the patent reads: A method, an apparatus, and a system for configuring, designing, and/or implementing integrated data modeling methods for configuring interoperability between multiple data systems based upon compliance with data integration standards. In short, Maxxphase has found a way to create direct interoperability between data systems using a method of standardization. Any data system that uses Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards can readily share data with any other compliant data systems. This means any compatible data systems can now freely and seamlessly share data as though they existed as a single virtual database.

This patents stands as a major step forward for data design. Before this patent, traditionally designed data systems are great at efficiently storing and retrieving data. However, data sharing across data systems is not even a traditional design consideration. All traditionally designed data systems are considered data silos because they lack the ability to freely share their data. This patent changes this long standing design flaw.

Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards are a non-invasive, once-and-done enhancement of traditional data systems. This now compatible data system makes all the data in the data system sharable with all the data in any other compatible data systems. This new data integration approach “fixes” data in the source systems without data movement or data transformations. As such, Data Compatibility is a more efficient and cost effective data integration method than other current data integration methods.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility has now been used to design and implement the first ever directly interoperable data systems. These interoperable data systems become an integrated component in a single consistent virtual data environment.

This patent is a major milestone in the field of data management and data science; opening doors for data sharing that were simply impossible with prior technology.

- Eric F. Mack, Business Development Manager

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A method for implementing integrated data modeling to configure interoperability between data systems based upon Data Compatibility Standards.