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An Innovative Data Foundation for Digital Transformations

0 March 10, 2021

The modern business is more dependent than ever upon a holistic view of data and information to run and grow their business. Unfortunately, current Information Technology is being pushed beyond its limits to provide this view. There is no end in sight to these growing pressures of large data volumes and inefficient and expensive data management methods. Maxxphase Data Compatibility relieves these pressures through much more efficient data management methods. For example, our Standards-Based Data Integration methods permit large volumes of data to be integrated in-place without data transformations.

In McKinsey‘s article, “Modern Business Needs a New Kind of Tech Leader,” the need for a holistic transformation is discussed. They conclude that “a tech transformation must be holistic to deliver full business value” as opposed to being “implemented as a set of disjointed initiatives.” Maxxphase provides for the best of both worlds. Maxxphase products, Data Compatibility Standards establish a target for a holistic transformation where any data system may be made compatible. Moreover, the Data Compatibility Standards can be applied independently to each data system to fulfill specific IT initiatives. Fortunately, Maxxphase Data Compatibility is compatible with existing traditional data architectures, allowing flexibility in implementing our standards to any particular data system.

McKinsey details its “three vectors of a holistic transformation”:

  • “integrate across organizational silos” to “reimagine the role of technology in the organization.”
  • “change by improving IT services with next-generation capabilities” to “reinvent technology delivery.”
  • “implement a flexible architecture supported by modular platforms” to “future-proof the foundation.”

Maxxphase Data Compatibility breaks through siloed data and organizations. Siloed data is isolated in incompatible data systems that do not directly share their data. Maxxphase non-invasively converts incompatible data systems into compatible data systems that directly share their data with other compatible data systems. Compatible data systems collaborate to provide a 360ᴼ view of your data. Our Data Compatibility Methods’ primary focus is to form a Compatible Data Fabric with end-to-end integrated data and direct data sharing among all physical data systems. Converting siloed data systems into a Compatible Data Fabric is extremely easy and efficient compared to traditional ETL-based methods.

Maxxphase delivers next-generation capabilities by providing a Compatible Data Fabric that forms spontaneously from compatible data systems. Maxxphase is the first company to implement compatible data systems and a Compatible Data Fabric. Beyond data sharing, Maxxphase has designed the following significant next-generation capabilities into their Compatible Data Fabric:

  1. Standards-Based Data Integration is a fix to traditional data systems that integrates data in-place.
  2. Direct Data System Interoperability provides the ability to join data across multiple data systems directly.
  3. Analytics-Ready Data Systems are data systems designed to support multi-dimensional analytics.
  4. Modular Compatible Data Systems are plug-and-play components in the Compatible Data Fabric.

While remaining compatible with traditional data environments, Maxxphase delivers the best business data environment currently available. We incorporated many new patented technologies designed to support digital transformations and data-driven insights efficiently.

Maxxphase solutions reimagined the role of technology by eliminating siloed data, reinvented technology delivery with our Compatible Data Fabrics, and future-proofed the Compatible Data Fabric with modular data systems. So McKinsey got it right, and Maxxphase fulfilled their vision.

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