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Maxxphase Data Compatibility Enhances Big Data

0 February 24, 2021

Data Compatibility delivers a new type of data integration where data is integrated in place. With this Standards-Based Data Integration, there is no need for data transformations or data movement.

Most organizations integrate data to increase the value of this vital asset. The success of this data integration effort can be measured in terms of the Five V’s of big data (Velocity, Volume, Value, Variety, and Veracity). Traditional transformative data integration is expensive, complicated, and slow. Data transformations are often unable to meet the business’s needs, especially when it comes to big data.  

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards (DCS) offers a far more efficient data integration approach. While transformative data integration requires software, Standards-Based Data Integration integrates data by providing a common foundation of standard master data. Data to be integrated is related to one or more Data Compatibility Standards of the common foundation and becomes compatible data. All compatible data is integrated data. 

Velocity:  The speed at which data can be acquired and processed is important to many businesses.  With Maxxphase DCS, the moment data is collected, it is integrated through its relationship with existing Data Compatibility Standards.   

Volume:  The more data collected, the more systems involved, the more complicated and expensive the data transformations needed to integrate data. This creates an ever-growing data integration hairball creating a larger burden on business.  Maxxphase DCS, by contrast, is a standardized streamlined approach that is indifferent to the volume and number of systems.  The joins between data systems are auto-created via the standards, and the amount of data consumed does not impact the ability to integrate data.         

Value:  Maxxphase DCS reduces the complexity of any data architecture.  Sharing data becomes commonplace, allowing for greater completeness of the data insight. Also, Maxxphase standards act as the foundation for enterprise data governance to create more accurate and trusted data.    

Variety:  Maxxphase DCS can integrate structured, semi-structured, as well as unstructured data.  Our standards auto-generate joins between structured data systems, semi-structured data systems, and unstructured data systems.  This Standards-Based Data Integration allows a business to utilize the variety of data for improved analytics, completeness of information, and improved customer experience.   

Veracity:  With Standards-Based Data Integration, data is more trusted as it is stored once and made available from that one instance.  DCS delivers the direct data interoperability needed to utilize data from multiple source data systems. Maxxphase DCS is the foundation for enterprise-wide data sharing.  By phasing out and reducing the need for data transformations, more people will have access to more information, allowing them the data needed to determine erroneous or misleading information.  

Maxxphase DCS is a new and powerful solution that integrates data at its source.  Data transformations are no longer needed nor wanted. Instead, build a data architecture designed for the seamless sharing of data throughout the enterprise. 

Standards-Based Data Integration simplifies big data and can act as a boon to any organization.  Let Maxxphase’s modern approach to data integration create a data architecture of trusted, robust data that will be the foundation of success for your business.

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