Maxxphase Data Compatibility ushers in a new era of IT innovation.

The first generation of digital data was based upon a foundation of disparate data systems best characterized as data silos. These disparate data systems do not directly share data across data systems. Therefore, organizations rely on various expensive and time-consuming data transformation-based methods attempting to unify data from multiple data systems.

The future of data is based upon a foundation of compatible data systems that seamlessly and dynamically share their data directly. These data systems are inherently integrated, directly interoperable, analytics-ready, and are integral components in a plug and play Compatible Data Fabric.

From Data Silos to the Compatible Data Fabric

The first generation foundation of digital data systems does not include the ability to share data across physical data systems directly. These isolated and disparate data systems are characterized as data silos. No one wants or advocates for more data silos, yet direct data sharing is not a part of first-generation digital data foundation.

The next generation of digital data is based upon a foundation of data systems that directly share data. These data systems are compatible. Compatible data systems are directly and dynamically interoperable and spontaneously connect to form a Compatible Data Fabric. This generation of compatible data is far more valuable to the business than the prior generation of disparate compartmentalized data.

Compatible Data Systems are Plug and Play

A set of Data Compatibility Standards non-invasively encapsulates each compatible data system. This set of standards forms a master data shell around each compatible data system. Any compatible data system interacts with every other compatible data system identically through its master data shell. These interactions are direct and dynamic. When a new compatible data system is added to the Compatible Data Fabric, that data system can immediately interact directly with every other compatible data system in the Compatible Data Fabric.

Data Compatibility Standards are the next IT Data Management Innovation!

Maxxphase Data Compatibility is a truly remarkable IT innovation. Data compatibility promotes in-place data integration and direct interoperability among any compliant data systems. These compliant data systems become the building blocks of a Compatible Data Fabric which provides an integrated 360ᴼ view of your data.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is the basis for the first-ever directly-interoperable integrated data systems. Never before have multiple data systems been designed and implemented to work in direct collaboration with one another. This radical new approach breaks the continuing pattern of time-consuming transformations and translations. Instead, it unleashes an IT integration plan which simply creates compatible data systems that eliminate all the problems created by incompatible data systems in the first place. Data compatibility isn’t just a new way of looking at the same old process – it’s the inevitable replacement of a laborious process which drains world-class IT resources and gets in the way of business agility and continued progress.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Embrace the future of IT with Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards!