The future of
Information Technology

Data Compatibility Standards from Maxxphase usher in a new era of IT innovation where data system interoperability is a reality!

History of Incompatible Data Systems

Businesses need to prepare for the future. So why is it that each data system is designed using methods from the 1970s? The 70s was the age of mainframe computing, when the internet, personal computers and subsequent data integration issues were still decades away from getting in the way of how a world-class business operates. The incompatible data systems, often characterized as data silos, weren’t a problem when they were implemented in the 1970s. Now that integrated data is a requirement to handle a 21st-century enterprise, data silo elimination should be the world-class business’s primary goal.

Prior to Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards, all data systems were incompatible. The disparate data sets from these incompatible data systems cannot work together without a complicated data translation and transformation process. Going through such a process adds time, resources and money to an already-burdensome system. The industry is yearning for a simple IT integration plan. It’s time to utilize an enterprise master data management method which eliminates the multi-step, multi-month data integration processes.

Data Compatibility Standards is the next IT innovation!

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is a truly remarkable IT innovation. The standards upgrade outdated data system design methodology by creating a new data integration standard, one which supports the formation of compatible data systems which promote direct interoperability between any compliant data systems.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is the basis for the first-ever directly-interoperable integrated data systems. Never before have multiple data systems been designed and implemented to work in direct collaboration with one another. This radical new approach breaks the continuing pattern of time-consuming transformations and translations. Instead, it unleashes an IT integration plan which simply creates compatible data systems that eliminate all the problems created by incompatible data systems in the first place. Data compatibility isn’t just a new way of looking at the same old process – it’s the inevitable replacement of a laborious process which drains world class IT resources and gets in the way of business agility and continued progress.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Embrace the future of IT with Maxxphase’ Data Compatibility Standards!