Compatible Data is Integrated Data at its Source

Compatible Data Standards, when applied to a data system, makes that entire data system compatible. The data in a compatible data system is integrated with the data in any other compatible data system. Therefore, the real-time data in a compatible data system is integrated.

Integrating Real-Time Data

Many organizations are conducting their business with a data foundation that is compartmentalized in disparate siloed data systems. Since the data across traditional source data systems are not integrated, a consolidated view of business operations is very difficult to obtain, especially in real-time.

Compatible Data Systems are an in-place enhancement of traditional data systems. Data among compatible data systems are integrated, and the data systems themselves are directly interoperable. Beyond this, these compatible data systems are designed to incorporate all the functionality of a data warehouse and are considered analytics ready. Finally, these directly interoperable data systems form an analytics-ready Compatible Data Fabric. All real-time data in all compatible data systems are now directly and dynamically accessible within the Compatible Data Fabric.