Isn’t it time that your company’s IT department evolved to meet the needs of those running the company? If business agility is a problem for your organization, Maxxphase provides the only practical and effective solution.


Dependent conflicted data systems

Data flow software stagnates I.T.



Independent compatible data systems

Independent data systems promote agility

What causes business stagnation?

Information technology (IT) is notorious for its slow response to business changes. Many businesses view their IT department as a burden that stagnates the business and blocks the pathway to becoming a world-class business. IT departments can take months or years to respond to changes as businesses adopt to new technologies and ways of conducting business. The resulting business stagnation caused by IT is the fault of incompatible data systems that isolate data and the methods deployed to deal with those incompatibilities.

Whenever software is developed to flow data from a source data system to a target data system, the target data system becomes dependent upon the source data system. This dependency stagnates the business’s progress because organizations rely upon hundreds or even thousands of hand-crafted data flow programs just to integrate their data. These hand-crafted data flow programs create a data integration “hairball” that just gets larger and larger over time, ingraining the incompatible data systems into this entanglement and making it more and more difficult for businesses to adapt and change as needed. This is truly a mess which puts the business at risk because this hairball of IT data systems cannot efficiently support business agility.

Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards eliminates this data integration hairball and does not impose such stagnation upon the business. Compatible data systems do not use data flows and are not linked by data flow software, so the compatible data systems remain totally independent and do not get in the way of developing a true business agility strategy. The answer to the challenge of business agility, then, is to aim for data silo elimination using data compatibility instead of simply accommodating for the status quo.

How data compatibility supports business Agility

A business agility improvement strategy is to make your data systems compatible!

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards forms directly-interoperable data systems so enterprises may rid themselves of the data integration hairball that were once the only reliable way to support data movement and data integration. Without the data system dependencies caused by the hairball, organizations are free to change their business as needed. In fact, these independent compatible data systems are very flexible in their interactions and actually facilitate many types of business changes.

Charles Darwin once said: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Businesses that are slow to adapt go the way of the dodo bird.