Automatic Data Integration
A New Data Integration Approach

Compatible data is integrated data. When a data system is made compatible, the data system’s data is integrated with the data of any other compatible data system. When it comes to business, data compatibility unleashes the power of data and information to provide opportunities never before possible.

Data Compatibility is
Automatic Data Integration

Traditionally-designed data systems are incompatible with other traditional data systems. Traditional data systems contain conflicted data representations which make them incompatible with other traditional data systems. These conflicted data representations were never properly designed or managed for direct interaction with data from other traditional data systems. If data systems had been built to be compatible from the start, data integration would never have been an issue. Instead, we have millions of incompatible, conflicted data systems filled with many billions of disparate data records.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards converts any incompatible data system into a compatible one. The Data Compatibility Standards provide “common data representations” to each data system so that it can support automatic data integration and collaboration between any compatible data systems. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards are non-invasive as well: none of your existing data structures or data records are modified during implementation of these standards.

The result is automatic data integration, where data is integrated from the time it’s stored to the time data is deleted. Each compatible data system is treated as an integral component of a larger single compatible data universe, instead of being treated as single disparate data system. For the first time ever, your data systems collaborate to provide a single trusted uniform version of your data, which improves decision-making and creates a distinct competitive advantage.

All data systems should be made compatible, especially given the immense benefits and simplicity of the process. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards is a risk-free solution to the data integration problem and represent an entirely new paradigm for developing computerized data systems!

The End of
Traditional Data Integration

Automatic data integration

Data compatibility marks the end of the “data silo” age. Before Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards, all data systems were incompatible and conflicted because their designs were too narrowly focused. As a result, businesses operate in a burdensome world of incompatible data silos. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards eliminates data silos and automatically integrates all data as a byproduct of designing and building data systems to be compatible.

Most organizations’ data-related problems are caused by data incompatibility and conflicting data between traditional data systems. This conflicting data leads to poor decision-making and errors in day-to-day operations which costs businesses time and money! Instead, imagine an organization where all data is consistent from the lowest-level detailed transactions of the organization to the highest-level derived information of the CEO’s dashboard. All data is finally integrated – transactional data and decision support data alike!

Maxxphase is shattering data silos, boosting efficiency and supplying executives with the information they need to grow their business. Don’t delay -- unshackle the power of your company’s data!