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How CIOs Can Have a Big Influence on Social Strategies

0 December 15, 2017

In the early stages of digital communications, the main interaction a corporation’s IT department had with social media was monitoring and blocking various websites. As times have changed, companies are beginning to embrace the social media revolution instead of fighting its influence.

Employing an effective, all-encompassing social media strategy is something that every department of the business has a stake in. Because of their expertise in information and communications, CIOs can have a large impact on every step from initial training to the overall strategy.

Train on Procedures

Including basic social media instruction within the core pieces of training ensures that employees with all levels of understanding are shown how their social media can impact the organization—for better and for worse. The CIO is a great asset for establishing what parameters this training should take, as well as providing tools for monitoring that the guidelines are being observed. This keeps every member of the workforce informed and guarantees the company’s social presence stays favorable across the board.

Get Employees Involved

While constant monitoring of social feeds is not something a company would want to encourage, getting the entire organization involved with social media can provide a big boost for special instances such as promoting posts, increasing traffic and sharing thought leadership. Companies have been known to go the route of gamification or awarding participation when encouraging social media engagement, leading to higher traffic across the board. Getting all employees involved in the social strategy is a great way to propel your marketing efforts forward.

Help Shape the Strategy

While the marketing department will be the main driver in determining the specifics of the communications, having the CIO provide input on concepts will have a big impact on the bottom line. This impacts the overall marketing agenda and also allows for the integration of social data into the larger dataset of the company, which can provide extremely valuable insights.

As the attitude toward social media’s relationship to the workplace continues to evolve, the future is likely to include further integration with social media and information technology. Getting the organization trained and involved with a multi-faceted social strategy is a key way to get ahead while increasing business successes and understanding failures.

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