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Bring the Power of the Internet to Your Data

0 March 27, 2018

The Internet is one of the most powerful game-changing technologies ever created, and its impact on business has been tremendous.

The next big business data innovation is here. Maxxphase’s Data Compatibility Standards are modeled after the Internet standards, and will seamlessly link any organization’s data, like the Internet seamlessly networked computer systems.

The Internet Model

The insightful article, “How Does the Internet Work? Very Well, Thanks to Standards,” by Karen Bartleson, shows just how standardization brought about the era of the internet. The author states “The world is completely different from what it was prior to the Internet being used by more than a third of our planet’s population.”

Any computerized information system that is compliant to the standards of the Internet may participate on the Internet. While the Internet is composed of a multitude of physical computers from many different vendors, the result is seamlessly connected content, all of which is independently developed.

That same premise is now being implemented to the world of business data. At Maxxphase, we are bringing the power of the Internet to your organizations through the creation of an “Internet of information systems.”

So how do we transition from independently designed and implemented stand-alone information systems to an Internet of information systems? The solution is Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards.

These standards were designed specifically to form links among any information systems. Any information system that has been standardized may participate in the “Internet of information systems.”

The result is a single seamless virtual database composed of multiple physical databases that are directly interoperable. All data in this single virtual database is automatically integrated. Like the Internet, all the data you may want when you need it is seamlessly provided with the added features of database technology.

Combine wherever data is needed to support complex reporting, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and much more. Unleash the real power of your data simply by making it compatible.

Tremendous Business Opportunities

The rise of the Internet brought about major changes in our world. Remember life before the Internet? No global email, no online banking, no Google, no Amazon and no cloud computing. The Internet has had a huge impact upon all of our lives.

When introduced, the Internet provided an enhancement to the existing infrastructure. Businesses evolved to make use of this enhanced infrastructure.

While you may think that Amazon makes its money selling goods over the Internet, USA Today reveals that “ makes most of its money from web services.” Only a quarter of Amazon’s operating income came from its retail business, while three quarters came from its cloud computing. Ever wonder how Google makes its money? Google generates revenue primarily by delivering “relevant, cost-effective online advertising” in AdWords.

So what will Data Compatibility bring? Certainly, the Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards and Methods will bring access to data that is just not possible today.

What would your business do if it had access to whatever data it needed or wanted? Maxxphase is building the Internet for data. All the data within an organization, across organizations and across industry can be readily shared.

This unlimited information is now made available to business leaders. Just as the Internet was the next step in the evolution in computing networks, Maxxphase is the next step for networking business data.

Be a part of this data revolution and send your business into the future of data! Contact Maxxphase today to see how we can go to work for your business.

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