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3 Perks IT Professionals Seek Most When Job Hunting

0 December 30, 2017

It’s no secret that attracting and retaining tech talent is competitive, but how do employers know what IT professionals value?

With oil changes, theme park tickets and arcade games becoming a routine part of compensation packages, it can be hard to determine what’s most important to candidates in today’s job market.

Highly specific perks such as child care and car washes are nice, but most IT professionals value these three broader categories when they’re on the job hunt:

1. Giving Value & Being Valued

Studies are showing that finding value in your work and being a valued part of the organization are key components of workplace satisfaction, especially among younger demographics. As candidates weigh new opportunities, something they consider is how their individual role will incorporate into the larger goals of the organization—and how much voice they will have in departmental decisions.

2. Flexible Schedules & Work From Home Options

Managers often struggle with this due to the high level of trust that must be placed in employees. However, with many startups requiring tech teams to be on call and fix bugs in real-time, allowing scheduling flexibility and remote work options shows the company still respects work/life balance—something professionals have come to require in today’s job market.

3. Continued Education & Skill Development

One of the most recent trends is companies providing in-house resources for furthering education. Hosting hackathons, continued training certifications or mentorship programs ensures that the workforce stays up-to-date in current knowledge. These programs also show that the company is an industry thought leader, which will serve to attract more talented applicants in the future.

While an endless stream of catered lunches and sparkling water can be a draw, these are not the variables that make or break job offers for the majority of IT professionals. The chance to make an impact, being trusted with flexibility and having resources for growth are much more important in today’s market, which provides a solid foundation for companies when building out what to offer their teams.

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