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For Datasets that Work Together Seamlessly On Demand

Maxxphase Data Compatibility is a data design and data management innovation that enhances disparate datasets to become compatible datasets. Compatible datasets are best characterized as directly interoperable Analytics-Ready Modular Plug-and-Play Datasets. Data from any compatible datasets can be seamlessly combined, on-demand, to retrieve whatever data that may be requested. Since these datasets are directly interoperable, there is no longer a need for expensive and time-consuming data integration, data warehouse, or data fabric projects as all that functionality is delivered by the compatible datasets. As you will see, the Maxxphase Data Compatibility methods are far faster, better, cheaper, more reliable, and more scalable than other currently used data management methods. You will be amazed at how compatible datasets all seamlessly blend!


The Problems We Solve

Contemporary datasets are disparate and extracting business value from these disparate datasets often requires a ridiculous amount of time, effort, and money. For example, data scientists report that 80% of their work effort is spent on dataset preparation and data cleaning. In addition, the number of datasets is growing dramatically. It is estimated that 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years. The growth rate is far beyond what conventional data management methods can process.

Maxxphase Data Compatibility is easy and fast to implement. Each dataset is independently enriched with our Data Compatibility Standards without touching the native dataset. This enrichment integrates datasets and makes them directly interoperable. Once a dataset is made compatible, it remains compatible without further updates. These analytics-ready modular plug-and-play datasets virtually eliminate data preparation work in support of analytics. Don’t you wish your datasets were data compatible?


Data Compatibility is Amazingly elementary

Enrich any Dataset to be Compatible

 Data Compatibility is Zero-Copy Integration and No Data Transformations

Our research has shown that disparate datasets are simply missing the data and metadata needed to seamlessly blend. Maxxphase Data Compatibility Standards enrich disparate datasets with the required data and metadata to form a multi-faceted plug-and-play modular dataset. This enrichment improves your data quality and adds dataset functionality never before experienced. Any combination of compatible datasets may be dynamically blended on demand to provide whatever data and information you may require.

The Phases of Maxxphase Data Compatibility